Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where do we start?

Hey again ... I know most of us think how do we achieve what we want ?
Well the first thing to do is get the idea clear in your head as to what you want from your life ...
Once you are clear abt it write it down .... and visit it , revisit it day after day and think how are you gonna achieve it .... Do one thing ... Declare it like I have done .. .Declare it to the world that come what may, you will do whatever it takes to reach it ... And see how magically it works .. By doing this u will put urself on the line and push urself to achieve it ... every time a friend , a sibling asks you abt it, you will only be driven to achieve it....
If your goal is a significantly big one , split it into smaller quantum goals and think of ways to achieve your first quantum goal ... akin to crossing a big puddle wherin you put one stone at a time and step on it and then put the other and so on till you reach your destination .. so much so to say ... easier said than done ! huh
Alrite .... lets take my example I wanna be a billionaire ... poof ... there comes a genie, so shall be it master, and I am a billionaire .... if only I were Aladdin with a magic lamp. Day dreaming ... huh ... Nay before I become a billionaire .... I need to become a millionaire ...
Well that sounds a lot more easier ... Yes n No .... Yes for obvious reasons .... Yet the gurus say its difficult to make your first million, once you have learnt to make ur first million, the rest just follow ... well rite ... by the time you have made your first million, you would have learnt what works and what not. It is this learning thats gonna make you the remaining 999 million.
So well how am I gonna make my first million ? Well the easiest way to make a million is start with two million .... hehehe very true isnt it ? Alas, my dad isnt a big man to give me two million nor do I have any rich relative whos gonna give it to me ... So I need to earn my first million .... How do I earn my first million ? Work ? Hmm that I already do ... and the money that comes in goes out of the window in paying my rent, electricity, phone, credit card bills ... and i m broke at the end of the month .... Sounds familiar? Work harder no good .... doing part time jobs wont help ... At the end of it will be slogging for a paltry sum ...
So what I need to do is generate new streams of income which take little or no time of mine and yet give me a neat income ... to say the least a liitle more money in my pocket .. the gurus call this passive income ... Yeah the money that works for you, and not the other way round.
So how do i make money work for me ? Look around you and you will see hundreds of opportunities that can spin money for you .... stocks, real estate, internet marketing etc. choose the one that holds ur imagination, spin a business around it ... of course there are lot of sites around which can brief you up on what you r looking for .. Check out for some interesting basics. Another good site I found is ifyou wanna know about how to become an entrepreneur. Go ahead educate urself , develop ur strategies, take ur actions,
if not successful, learn from results, change ur strategy and repeat .... till u achieve what u want.

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