Thursday, June 18, 2009

It pays to enrich your Brain Power

Someone truly said ... The human brain is the most amazing thing that has ever been created.

In a tenth of second, it makes so many calculations that even puts a supercomputer to shame.

Yes its upto you how well you take care of this precious asset you have !

I came across this great article on how you can enhance the capabilities of your brain.

Check it out yourself

Monday, June 8, 2009

Writing a Financial Freedom Plan ...

4. Revisit and Adjust:

At times you may get out of track, make mistakes. Its ok to make mistakes. Mistakes are a great part of learning.If you look at life, thats the way we learnt. We fell many times, before we learnt to walk. We lost balance and scraped our legs many times, to learn to cycle.If all seems to go wrong,just take a break and start afresh with a new strategy for your trade. Its ok to lose, just dont lose the lesson.Adjust your plan to make changes where necessary. Take expert guidance, if required.
For a refresher let me put the workflow from my earlier post.
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