Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back to Basics

A Big Hello to all you Guys n Gals out there ... To all of you who dream .... and dream to make it big ! Well ... to dream is fine .... to put yourself on the line and to push yourself to the limits to achieve it is what makes all the difference! So here I am ... to put myself on the line and push myself to achieve my dream to become a billionaire and roam around the world.
Yes I have dreamt abt it ever since I was a teenager ... like every teenager does .... only that now its a more mature objective rather than just a dream .... with a plan to achieve it.
As I set out on my journey that promises to be thrilling and an equally strenuous one, invite you folks to join me on this interesting voyage. So watch out this space for the adrenalin rush .....
Faster your seat belts .... as we go vrrrrrrrrrooooooommmmm !!!!


Srinivas said...

nice to see your thoughts in blog. Please post frequntly.

traderslash said...

Thanks Srini ... Will do so ...
Happy reading !


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